Joy Link presents "Boy on a Bicycle" Oct 2016

The History Club were delighted to present Joy Link talking about her "Boy on a Bicycle" book in the Parish Church on 6th October. There were three dozen guests to hear a very lucid and enjoyable presentation. During the mid session interval people could inspect the old photographs and read some of the diary extracts for themselves, while supping a cup of tea or coffee. The audience were entranced by Joy's story and there were several questions afterwards. Indeed, it was difficult to get the audience out of building at the end so that we could lock up and turn out the lights!

For those that do not know the book, it concerns the exploits of Henry, the second son of William Metcalfe, the long standing vicar of Everton in the late 19th century. Copies are apparently now in very limited supply.

Joy came across the diaries, which were in the estate of a deceased neighbour near her home in Essex, and could see the quality and potential for editing and publication. It has been a project lasting 7 years.


Joy Link addresses her audience


The audience follow every word