Gringley Printed Old Postcards Heidi High Street looking east

Gringley High Street looking east 1920s Postcard

This website is no longer being actively updated - Please see our new website at www.gringleyhistory.org.uk

Gringley on the Hill is a village in North Nottinghamshire whose origins can be traced back thousands of years. We are pleased to take this opportunity to present the work upon the history of our village and its surrounding influences. We originally had Heritage Lottery Funding for our active Club, which holds regular meetings, publishes newsletters and other materials, and attempts to record and present as much as we can for general use. Please join us, or help in any other way you can!

Five years after our original launch in 2010 our History Club website was  radically reconstructed in February 2016.

The main purpose of the change was to provide a more convenient and accessible showcase for our News, Club Events, Publications and particularly the Databank.

Our substantial Databank of Gringley's history is no longer housed on our own website, but the instructions and route-map to find it are on the DATABANK page. Then the actual information in the Databank is available on a series of links from the NOTEBOOKS page. 

Our latest project is the creation of a Grid within an Excel spreadsheet, showing people down one side, and with published Census or Directory information alongside, in a timeline sequence. Currently we have data on over 1000 people starting with the 1832 Directory across to the 1901Census, with some other unverified Directory data in the 20th century. Although this is work-in-progress, it is already a significant information source - available and downloadable via the GRID Notebook to Club Members or Donors who can be sent the link.

The other main Sections on this Website are as follows:

CLUB: Full details of the Club itself including membership, meetings, committee, contact details etc.

ACTIVITIES: A Weblog of Historical or Club happenings of interest to both members and the general public. 

PROJECTS: A public summary of current History Club projects in PDF Graphical form.  

SCRAPBOOK: Photographic record of History Club Events and Outings. This section starts with the most recent events but will gradually be rebuilt to include all the main events since the Club's inauguration in 2010. 

PUBLICATIONS: Details of Books, Maps and other Publications available from the Gringley History Club. 

FUTURE: Forthcoming History Club Events, or other Events of historical interest notified to us. 

NEWS: Recent items and developments of historical interest to the Village as a whole including recent discoveries, recent data acquisitions and so on. 

GALLERY: Selected pictures - a very small percentage of our collection held in the Databank, merely to illustrate the range and scope of our full collection and whet your appetite to explore further.

LINKS: Weblinks to other Sites of possible relevance.

SITE MAP: Detailed summary of all pages on this Website.


Old Village Hall 1929 to 2014