Census & Directories Project

This project commenced in 2016, originally as an input to the Shops & Buildings Project. It quickly gathered momentum.

To access a Display Panel describing the Project:

History Club Census & Directories Project June 2017.pdf

To access the Work in Progress current Excel spreadsheet (Stage 7 - updated mid Oct 2017) please Click HERE

This Section contains Work in Progress Versions of some active current Projects, as well as PDF Graphical summaries of several though not all current projects. All material can be viewed by clicking on their relevant project Link. 

In addition to the three very active Projects shown on the right are three further projects which are currently stalled awaiting progress or resources:

Shops & Buildings

This project commenced in 2014, and has not yet born fruit though considerable work has been carried out. However following the work done on the Census & Directories project it is now ready to be resumed.

To access a display Panel describing this Project:

History Club Shops & Buildings Project June 2017.pdf

The Next General Book

We were satisfied with the publication of Gringley: A Portrait in 2012 but we now have far more detailed historical information, and when the remaining projects are complete, or nearly complete, there is definitely scope for writing up a more detailed history of the Village in a more academic book. This is now in the planning stage.

Churchyard Gravestone Recording Project

This project commenced in 2017 initially as an input to the Census & Directories Project.

To access a Display Panel describing the Project:

History Club Churchyard Gravestone Recording Project June 2017.pdf

To view the uptodate Work in Progress in Low Resolution (to save a lengthy download) PDF form of the projected final document please click HERE.  

N.B Please start by reading the first page of the downloaded document which explains the stage the project has now reached. There are then about 80 Gravestones / plaques to look at so far. 

A Higher Resolution version of this PDF File is available by email on request (22mB).

TB Children’s Hospital Project

This project commenced in spring 2017 following encouragement from the Nottinghamshire Heritage Forum.

To access a Display Panel describing the Project:

History Club TB Childrens Hospital 1918-1928 Project June 2017.pdf

To view the latest Project Plan and Action list (26 Sept 2017) click HERE.

The first draft document report was completed on 30th November 2017, and after being assessed for consistency, content and omissions by a small panel of our members and Bassetlaw Museum, is now being converted into a book that will shortly be for sale.